News 7 Sep 22

Tyron Runflat Multibands roll-out to UK police forces continues

7 September, 2022: The selection of Tyron Runflat Multibands used by UK police forces continues, with six more constabularies across the UK now trained on installation of the system for their Protected Personnel Carriers (also known as riot vans), crew buses and high-speed pursuit vehicles.

Greater Manchester Police, Kent Police, and the constabularies of Norfolk, Suffolk, Surrey, and Sussex vehicles are being fitted with Tyron Multibands as a fit and function replacement of the previous system.

The Tyron Multiband is designed to ‘lock’ the tyre on the wheel rim in the event of a puncture or blow-out, allowing the driver to retain control of the vehicle. This reduces the risk of an accident – both to vehicle occupants and bystanders – and lets the driver continue to a safe place to change the wheel or seek assistance.

The lightweight Multibands do not affect fuel consumption, acceleration or braking, and have no moving parts so do not affect the balancing of the wheels or vehicle handling. They are also maintenance free.

Tyron Runflat is pleased to contribute to the safety of Police officers and the communities they serve by providing this additional protective measure to their vehicle fleets.

Image: Tyre slippage on a wheel with no multiband, vs tyre with Tyron Multiband.