News 27 Oct 21

Tyron Runflat MultiBands selected for additional UK police force vehicles

Loughborough, 27th October, 2021: Tyron Runflat’s MultiBands have been selected to keep the fast pursuit vehicles of the Cumbria Constabulary and Cheshire Constabulary police safe in the event of a tyre blow-out at speed. The selection will see Tyron MultiBands rolled out to in-service pursuit vehicles that previously had runflat tyres fitted.

Already mandated for riot vehicles used by all police forces across the UK – and with more than 1,000 vehicle sets delivered to date – Tyron’s MultiBands are designed to enable drivers of standard vehicles to maintain steering, braking and cornering control during a high-speed tyre blow-out, and provide a short distance runflat capability to allow the driver to manoeuvre to a place of safety before stopping to change the tyre.

Without MultiBands, standard wheels rely on tyre pressure in order to keep the tyre on the wheel. If the tyre is punctured or ruptured, the loss of pressure causes the tyre to drop into the fitting well letting the wheel rim come into direct contact with the road surface. This may result in loss of braking, traction and steering control; when this happens at speed, the results can be catastrophic for both vehicle occupants and by-standers.

Tyron MultiBands are a patented, lightweight well-filler band that converts a standard alloy or steel wheel into a safety wheel. They are guaranteed to ‘lock’ the tyre onto the wheel rim, preventing the tyre from dropping into the fitting well, allowing the driver to maintain control and keeping occupants and nearby vehicles safe during sudden tyre-strike incidents, even with all tyres deflated. They also protect the vehicle wheel-arch and bodywork from damage caused by a flailing tyre.

Tyron’s range of MultiBands can be fitted during the third-party re-fit process for new police vehicles or retrofitted to existing vehicle fleets. They are designed to be maintenance-free, and do not affect vehicle acceleration, braking or fuel economy during regular vehicle usage. Tyron Multibands are a TUV validated safety device.

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