News 9 Apr 21

RV Case Study: Keep safe with Tyron MultiBands

Tyron Multibands allow you to stay in control of your vehicle and get to a place of safety after a tyre blow out.

We recently received feedback from a customer in the US following an incident that could have had a very different outcome. He was driving a 42ft recreational vehicle and towing a Jeep on the highway when one of the RV’s tyres exploded. Thanks to having Tyron MultiBands fitted, he was able to steer the vehicle to safety without losing control, avoiding potential injury to himself, his passengers and other drivers.

“I want to thank you for providing this system that I truly believe saved my and my wife’s lives. I was driving my 42’ RV and towing my jeep, traveling north on I-75 just before the Georgia state line. I was in the middle lane doing 70 mph and surrounded by trucks when one of the RV tyres blew-up.

“I was able to keep the RV and Jeep straight, and avoided what could have been a disaster. The tyres were five years old with no cracks, and had done 27,000 miles. After this experience I wouldn’t drive without the Tyron – the best money I’ve spent!” – Jose Cuesta.

Whatever kind of vehicle you are driving – be it RV, Blue Light, security or personnel transport – the function and safety provided by Tyron MultiBands are vital in helping to maintain control of your vehicle following a tyre blow-out.

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