News 2 Jul 15

Multi part rubber runflats on show at Land Forces Africa


Tyron shows proven range of solutions to keep vehicles safely moving in the event of sudden deflation.

Loughborough, UK, 2nd July 2015: The latest range of all terrain rubber, multi piece run flat tyres, which can be fitted in the field will be on display on the Tyron booth, C5 and C6, during Land Forces Africa being held in Pretoria, South Africa from 6 to 7 July 2015.

Tyron has developed and proven a range of runflat solutions which will keep a vehicle moving safely in its intended direction in the case of a sudden deflation. Common to each solution is the ability to change the tyres at the side of the road or in a tyre fitter’s workshop without the need for specialist equipment such as hydraulic rams.

“We work closely with our customers and talk with the tyre fitters, vehicle manufacturers and talked to the end user including defence, security forces and the emergency services to ensure that our solutions match their requirements for a system which satisfies their performance requirements and is easy to fit without special tools,” said Richard Glazebrook, managing director of Tyron Runflats Ltd.

The company’s product range extends from the Tyron MultiBands, which are designed to keep the tyre firmly in place on the wheel, allowing you to continue to a safe place to change the tyre, to the All Terrain Rubber Runflat or ATR, which is designed to allow the vehicle to return to base with its tyres deflated in a range of sizes to fit a wide variety of military vehicles from small patrol through to large self-propelled artillery; to Friction Shield which has been introduced this year.

Friction Shield’s lubrication system is designed to further improve the performance of the world’s only multi-piece rubber run flat. At the heart of Friction Shield is a sealed lubrication system to stop it drying out, or becoming contaminated and is permanently attached to the run flat itself making it impossible to forget when changing tyres. The sachets bursts following tyre deflation and provides the right amount of lubricant to ensure that the tyre is not damaged further by reducing the heat generated by friction between the runflat and the inside of the tyre itself, this enables the vehicle to keep functioning effectively over longer distances and higher speeds.

Forgetting the lubricant will reduce the runflat performance of any system by up to 90%!!

Sharing the stand will be Tyron’s South African partner Global Wheels. Global Wheels manufacture a range of two piece bolt together wheels in steel and aluminium specifically designed for the military market.

“Together the Tyron ATR and the Global Wheels two piece wheel provide the user with a high quality solution to keep military vehicles moving in the event of a sudden deflation caused for example by an IED or a severe ballistic attack,” said Richard Glazebrook.