Extensively Tested and Guaranteed to Deliver

Runflat Testing
Tyron’s ATR solution has been extensively tested in accordance with the internationally recognised Finabel standards for distance and speed. During all the tests the Tyron ATR far exceed the requirements.

TuV has tested our 17″ ATR runflat on Toyota Fortuna for 100km @ 50km/h with 2 tyres deflated and a further 50km @ 30km/h with all 4 tyres deflated.

TuV has tested the Tyron MultiBands on a range of vehicles for 3km @ 80km/h plus a further 3km @ 50km/h through handling course and slalom – official certificate and video available.

It is important to understand that many factors can alter the result of a test, they are as follows: speed, weight, aspect ratio of tyre, age of tyre, make of tyre, road conditions, reason for deflation and ambient temperature.

There is also one other major factor that will change a result and that is the vehicles suspension system and for this and the reason above we strongly recommend that customers do their own testing and not rely on manufacturers claims.

Ballistic testing
The Tyron ATR has been ballistically tested with great emphasis on the connections.

The Finabel test asks for five shots through the side wall and two into the tread area from 50m using 7.62mm rounds, we fired 20 rounds through the sidewall from 50mm and 25mm and 15 rounds through the tread area (35 total). Special effort was aimed at the fixings with some direct hits which simply ricocheted off and the others passed through without any structural damage.